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Insurance is NOT all about paying premiums  -  Claim Payments are made too!!
Are you protecting the important things in your Life?
We all protect our houses, boats, cars etc. but constantly overlook protecting the one thing that provides the funds to pay these premiums, and that is our Income.
The Loss of Income, through sickness or accident can leave tremendous financial strains on our families, which need not occur. 
No one is bullet proof and good insurance planning will provide a life boat when required.
Over the past 12 months we have been able to provide this life boat to 2 of our clients through Sickness and Accident insurance, Trauma & Life Insurance.
With keeping their families protected these clients have been able to ensure a little stability in an uncertain future.
Claim 1.
Imagine being 37 years of age and diagnosed with life threatening cancer, and being told you have 12 months to live. 
This happened to a client who was fortunate enough to have Crisis / Trauma, TPD & Life Insurance. Due to this cover being in place a claim payment was made to him in the amount of $1,050,000.
These funds have allowed the family to settle financial loans and home mortgage etc, and give some time to share with the family.
He had only been insured for a little over 2 years.
Claim 2.
A 41 year old lady was able to receive a cheque for $250,000 due to Breast Cancer occurring.  Her policy has been in place for approximately 10 years. 
Retirement planning often seems a long way off; consider directing Superannuation monies into Fixed Term Deposits at this current time of financial uncertainty around the world.
Also, don’t overlook Taxation Savings available with good Insurance and Superannuation planning. Government Tax offers are frequently overlooked, and can provide valuable savings. 
For more information please give us a call to make an appointment : 0740 547332.



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